Celebrating over 20 Years of Gritty Online Entertainment

  • 1994
  • The Origins

    Jon Jacobs Partners with Sean ferrel Creator the Famous Tele-Arena to create Tele-Arena II with 3D graphics and a Real Cash Economy.

    Telenet Code

  • 1999
  • The Screenplay

    Jon writes screenplay called Role-Player with Jean Claude Van Damme on board to play fictional World Champion gamer NEVERDIE

  • 2000

    Jon Creates website to promote Professional MMORPGs

    ProRPG Gamer

  • 2001
  • Project Entropia Beta

    Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs Avatar created in Project Entropia BETA. The first MMORPG with a real cash economy.

    Avatar Created

  • 2005
  • CLUB NEVERDIE Purchased

    NEVERDIE Buys Virtual Asteroid for $100,000 USD

    Club Neverdie Purchase

  • 2006
  • Megabyte Millionaire

    NEVERDIE Avatar on the front Cover of Miami News Times

    Miami New Times

  • 1st Virtual Wedding

    Jon Marries Cheri Moon in first ever live legal Virtual Wedding

    1st Virtual Wedding

  • 1st MMO World Champions League

    NEVERDIE Hosts first Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships at Club NEVERDIE

    Massive Multiplay Online Championships

  • 2007

    NEVERDIE Avatar makes top 30 celebrity list of Most Powerful People Under 30

    Stuff Magazine

  • 2nd MMO World Champions League

    NEVERDIE Hosts 2nd MMOWC final in Las Vegas

  • 2008
  • GUINESS World Record Set

    Club NEVERDIE in Guiness Book of World Records for the Most Valuable Virtual Item

    Guiness Book of World Records

  • Lemmy's Castle Announced

    NEVERDIE Studios announces plan to build Lemmy's Castle In Rocktropia

    Motorhead Lemmys Castle


    NEVERDIE partners to bring Hollywood Movies to Entropia universe

  • 1st Virtual/Real World Live Show

    Neverdie studios launches Queen of Sheba Show

    Queen of Sheeba Show

  • 2009

    NEVERDIE Studios designs and produces Michael Jackson Virtual World

    Michael Jackson Virtual World

  • 2010
  • ROCKtropia Launch

    NEVERDIE Studios Launches ROCKtropia Virtual World

    Rocktropia Launch

  • $69,000 Virtual Egg Sale

    NEVERDIE sells Virtual Egg for $69,000

    Virtual Egg Sale


    NEVERDIE Sells Virtual Asteroid for $635,000 New World Record

    Club Neverdie Sale

  • 1st ROCKtropia Teaser

    Rocktropia Become your avatar Teaser

  • 1st Virtual World Music Video

    Rocktropia Star Cheri moon One more crazy Summer music Video

  • NEVERDIE Reality Show

    NEVERDIE Reality Show Sneak Peak

  • Ships In The Night

    Rocktropia Ships in the Night Promo

  • 2011
  • Forbes Magazine

    Forbes magazine NEVERDIE People to watch in 2011

    Forbes Magazine Article

  • NEVERDIE Resurrects Island Girl

    NEVERDIE resurrects Island Girl to Club NEVERDIE

    Island Girl

  • 2011
  • Virtual World War

    ROCKtropia declares Virtual World War

  • Hunt The THING

    ROCKtropia partners With Universal Studios to Launch Hunt The THING

  • One More Crazy Summer

    Rocktropia One More crazy Summer Machinima

  • 2012
  • $20,000 Find

    Rocktropia miner finds $20,000 in HELL

    Gamer Finds 20k USD

  • In The Press

    Rocktropia Press video

  • 2013
  • Mitchymoo

    Mitchymoo cinematic ROCKtropia Review

  • 2014
  • Zombie Kong Machinima

    Rocktropia Zombie Kong Trailer

  • 2015
  • 20K Loot off Zombie Kong

    Rocktropia and Universal announce KING KONG trilogy - Gamers Loots $20,000 from Zombie Kong

    Gamer Loots 20K Zombie Kong

  • Oculus Rift Development

    ROCktropia prepares for Oculus Rift

    Oculus Rift Dev Begins

  • The Future
  • Written By You

    ROCKtropia is constantly evolving. Its future is yet determined but is shaped by those who make their mark in it.

    The Future Is Yours

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