About ROCKtropia

ROCKtropia is a hybrid MMORPG with multiple Virtual Worlds at the bleeding edge of Virtual Reality. It's an Experience influenced by Pop Culture & shaped by Real events. ROCKtropia reflects the attitude of its inhabitants. It is an ever evolving realm that will last forever & where your Avatar could live forever.

MMO Hunting


Kill For Loot

MMO Minning


Find Rare Metals

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Make Clothes, Weapons & More

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An MMO Job That Pays

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Endless Questing

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Land Ownership

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About Virtual Reality

ROCKtropia is an MMORPG!

An MMORPG is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game In which players create an Avatar, choose a Race, class and build skills and levels while adventuring with other players.

3D Virtual Reality

ROCKtropia is a fully immersive 3D virtual environment that utilizes stunning Cryengine Graphics that can be experienced on a computer monitor or in the near future with Virtual Reality goggles.

ROCKtropia is Virtual Reality!

ROCKtropia features Virtual Worlds with MMORPG mechanics and a Unique Real Cash Economy, which means that every Action and accomplishment has a financial impact on the players Real life.

Virtual Reality and POP Culture

Virtual Reality is defined by the Content created for it. Your Avatar is defined by your choices. ROCKtropia is the Pop culture Capital, where both your Avatar and the World continually evolve.


Hunt For Loot

In ROCKtropia, there are dozens of different Animals, Dragons, Zombies, Androids, Demons, Monsters and Thugs for you to hunt. Some of them you can pit your skills against on the very first day you arrive. Others will require you to possess Powerful Weapons, , Healing tools and avatar skills for you to tackle them. Each time you Kill a Mob you can loot it!

As you hunt Mobs you gain skills related to the physical challenges of hunting and also the tactics and Equipment you are employing. These Skills are hard earned and have real cash value. Also you will Loot a Mob when it is dead and most often find a variety of items you can either use yourself, recycle directly for cash or sell and trade with others to potentially make your hunting a profitable venture.


Find Rare Metals

The Universe is made up of Raw materials, including Precious Metals and life giving enmatters, most everything that can be made in ROCKtropia requires either minerals mined by Miners and or Materials looted by hunters. Miners can scour the surface of the different Planets dropping probes in Search of Valuable Ores and Enmatters.

The truly daring Miner can venture to the depths of Hell in search of natural and un-natural Resources, with Amplifiers attached to the Mining Equipment the opportunity for vast Discoveries increases. The Miner Gains a variety of valuable skills while mining and all resources gathered can be instantly recycled for cash or traded player to player or through a Universal Auction to players on a far away planets.


Manufacture Weapons, Clothes, Vehicles & More

Within the crafting Profession there are many, many areas of specialization from tailoring to Weapon Manufacturing, Skills in mechanics or woodworking all help define success. In addition to developing Skills, Crafters discover Blueprints and practice on individual Blueprints can result in greater success and the potential for increased profits.

Many of the Tools, Weapons, Clothes, and other items in the Universe that people need in order to function only exist if they are crafted. A Crafter can look for niche markets and try to serve the other professions and inhabitants of the World by providing manufactured goods and potentially Profit in the process. Although as with all professions the completion makes profitability a challenge.


Get An MMO Job That Actually Pays

Specialization is often essential in creating opportunities that are profitable. Choose from a wide variety of defined professions or think outside the Box to create your own unique role. Ultimately the number of players will determine the scale of demand and profit potential, but opportunities always exist for the determined entrepreneur or hard worker.

Skill trees form the spine of the defined professions that include hunters, miners, crafters and medics among others. In addition to the skills you choose to focus on building, there is a very wide variety of tools, both common and rare, looted and manufactured the combination of which can play a significant role in your success.


Endless Missions That Keep You Rolling

You can enter ROCKtropia with your own agenda and pursue it without engaging with any of the Missions tied to any of the storylines within the universe or you can interact with Non Player Characters and be sent on missions that can earn you skills, achievements, knowledge or items. Choosing Missions that compliment your professional Goals can sometimes lead you to greater profitability.

ROCKtropia is unique in that it features missions inspired by true events that have shaped the evolution of the entire Virtual Universe, that might reward you with skills or items or perhaps even give you clues to secrets of the past and future. While other missions inspired by Icons of Pop Culture like KING KONG are designed to entertain you and guide you to treasures you can only dream about.


Take Down Players For Real Loot

Pirate or Player killer. A variety of PVP battle zones exist where you can loot items from other players. PVP lootable Zones feature extremely valuable resources in high demand. If you dare you can win with stealthy tactics. In Lootable PVP, your core equipment is protected from loss, but your ammo and newly collected treasures are fair game, Great Pirates and Bandits can turn a real profit.

PVP Gaming


Social Outtings With Rewards

Universe wide Events, planet side Events, Player created Events, Events created purely for fun and socializing and events that shape the development of the Universe with valuable or even priceless treasures to be won or Sporting events designed to foster the Competitive Spirit. Participating in Events adds dramatically to the Richness of the Universe .

Competing in regular Sporting events or Wave Events enables you to engage with players you might not otherwise meet. The Events lead not only to great prizes and perhaps even fame, but to great memories, friendships and romances. Dance parties and also Fashion and Beauty contests ensure that even a casual player can make an impact.

Real Estate

Make Real Money with Virtual Real Estate

There are many ways for your avatar to generate passive income in ROCKtropia. There is an active market in a variety of Deeds ranging from Planet Revenue Share, Land Tax Shares, APP revenue Splits and Affiate Revenue Splits. Most Deeds provide daily or Weekly payouts. The Deeds can also be resold sometimes for a profit depending on the Market.

Land Areas throughout Entropia Universe are controlled by players who collect land Taxes. To maximize the income potential of land, Players can host events and Reward programs to encourage turnover and increase taxes. Old Land Deeds can be acquired from players or new ones from the developers.

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