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An MMO where time = money

Next Level Virtual Reality Gaming

ROCKtropia is an MMORPG & Virtual World Hybrid that is shaping the future of Virtual Reality. The dawn of the Massively Multiplayer Online Game Era is upon us and the Pro Gamer has been born. Currently, while some MMO Addicts live in denial, cutting school, collecting pocket money, disability, residuals, stock dividends or trust fund income to pay for subscription fees and power ups in games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, Pro Gamers have discovered that it is possible to generate profits.

ROCKtropia invites you to dive into the massive and thrilling Entropia Universe and join a global gaming community who have all realized that even if they are supremely disciplined and only spend 10hrs a week playing, that it adds up to 520 hours per year, the equivalent of 13 working weeks that can be used productively by choosing an MMORPG that respects the idea that “Time is Money” and that Gamers deserve the opportunity to earn while they play.

King Kong Hunt The THING

2X Free Items Double The Gameplay!

Start your Free to Play MMORPG journey here and enjoy double the rewards! Begin with the Calypso orientation training where you will earn free guns and armor, then explore planet Calypso at your leisure before taking your free teleport to planet ROCKtropia. On Rocktropia Hunt The THING to win more Freebies to help you on your ultimate mission to make money playing games.
FREE Starter Gear

Learn the Entropia Universe interface and be rewarded with Pistols, Rifles, Ammo, and Mining gear and all the tricks and skills needed to make money playing video games.

Hunt The THING Gear

Answer the call to Hunt The THING and progress through what many rave reviews describe as the Best Free to Play mission in a Virtual World to win Arctic Gear, Vehicles and even a Flame Thrower worth real cash.

Premium Starter Pack

Get real bang for Your buck! In the Entropia Universe Web Shop you can grab the ZOMBIE KONG starter kit. In addition to Ammo, Armor and Cash you get a King Kong Tommy Gun Special Edition, designed for fun, skilling and a life time of cost efficient hunting to help you make you make a Profit playing.

Build your SKILL

Advanced Skill Tree

In ROCKtropia you enjoy unrivalled Avatar Longevity in an ever evolving MMORPG. Every skill point you gain has a real cash value. Create your free avatar and have complete freedom as you choose which skills to develop and professions to pursue and if you decide to change careers down the line, don’t worry, you can sell the skills you have earned for cold hard cash to re-invest or to withdraw to your real- life bank account. Skills, most items and weapons can be utilized throughout Entropia Universe and on different planets ensuring that you and your Avatar never get bored!

VR Swirl
VR Swirl

Our VR Global Community

No Borders

ROCKtropia is played by People from almost every country in the world. Although English is the common language, many languages are used locally. Communities develop within the virtual World that are not defined by real world boarders.

Communities within Communities

Why ROCKtropia is the Best MMORPG! People find common ground through a wide variety of interests, Gaming, business, fashion, competition, technology, ideology, music and more. The adventures shared create real bonds, friendships and memories.

Tools for communication

Forums, gamer chat channels and in world messaging tools support the social interaction between Player Guilds, Societies, Virtual Business Co-ops, gaming alliances, team members, role-players and even Avatar Romances.

A Mobile future

New real cash gaming Systems are constantly being added and old systems upgraded to keep ROCKtropia on the cutting edge of Virtual Reality and MMORPG culture with exciting new Apps in development which will make it possible to make money playing on your smart phone.

Explore The UNIVERSE

Multiple Planets

Explore Pop Culture, Science Fiction, Social games, Survival horror and Fantasy realms

PVP Space Combat

Steal valuable goods from space ships navigating PVP Space lanes. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Virtual Rum!

Build Up Your Ship

Space Ships Galore, Shields, Warp Drives, Missiles and FPS Action keeps Space game-play highly competitive!


How To Make Cash


Thousands of Mobs, Danger levels and prizes worth real cash are matched by an almost unlimited number of Weapon, Armor and Player Skill combinations.


The best Mining Game online! Planets, Moons and Asteroids in Entropia Universe are rich with a wide variety of rare ores and treasures you can discover and Sell to other players


Make Money Crafting, be lucky and discover rare or unique blueprints for weapons, Armor, clothing, tools, attachments, or components you can sell for a profit online


Specialization is the name of the game. Get paid to hunt monsters, Make money mining or healing, or become an online virtual goods Trader for Profit


Complete missions to boost your skills to discover treasure or Win Prizes. Earn Virtual currency or tokens or to get Free Items. Gain achievements or unlock new levels of gameplay.


Become a Pirate and loot items worth real cash from other players in Space or in Mineral Rich Planet side PVP Zones or simply fight for the fun of fighting in non lootable PVP areas.


Take Down Players For Real Cash

Pirate or Player killer. A variety of PVP battle zones exist where you can loot items from other players. PVP lootable Zones feature extremely valuable resources in high demand. If you dare, you can win with stealthy tactics. In Lootable PVP, your core equipment is protected from loss, but your ammo and newly collected treasures are fair game, Great Pirates and Bandits can turn a real profit in ROCKtropia.

PVP Gaming

Keep Playing On The Go

Mobile App For Crafting

The Virtual Tycoon App available now for android enables you to fully access your inventory, buy and sell through the Entropia Universe auction and manufacture virtual goods!

Make Cash On The Go

Make Money crafting or by selling items through the auction. Deposit or Withdraw Virtual Currency to your Bank Account.

Open Classified Lockboxes

Purchase classified lockboxes in the Entropia Universe Webshop and open them on your phone to win pets & priceless jewellery.

iPhone Illustration

Ready to step into Virtual Reality?

Our Virtual World Destinations

ROCKtropia is Jam Packed with exciting places to explore to test your gaming Skills, get Famous, hang out with friends, Make Money playing, find virtual business opportunities or Kill Monsters for big cash payouts.

Zombie Kong Video Game

Zombie KONG

Mega loots shared by all!

View more
King Kong Video Game

Secret Island

Mysteries to be Solved

View more
Hunt The Thing Video Game

Hunt The THING

Dangerous Missions to be undertaken

View more
No Way Out Prison Video Game

NWO Prison

Your Street Cred is at stake

View more
Motorhead Lemmys Castle

Lemmys Castle

Beware the Snaggletooth!

View more
Kevin Rudolf Zomhattan


Complete National Service anniahilating Zombies

View more
Old Harlem Virtual Destination

Old Harlem

Develop your skills on the Streets

View more
Universal Studios New Harlem Hyperplex

New Harlem

Find all the secret entrances to Clubs, cribs and penthouses

View more
Cyber Hell Virtual Reality Destination


Mine for Glory but beware the Cyber Demons!

View more
Tangering Virtual Reality Destination


Shop till you Drop or chill in your Apartment!

View more
Evil Cathedral Virtual Reality Destination


Join the immortals if you dare!

View more
CND Lagoon


Relax, Socialize and enjoy the music!

View more
PVP Space Battles


Explore the Universe

View more
Kevin Rudolf Sewers


Zombies, Mazes and Money!

View more
NOOBS NOOBS NOOBS Virtual Reality Nightclub


Exotic Missions for beginners

View more


Dynamite, keys and Werewolves!

View more
Virtual Reality Cribs


Dare you steal from the Gangs

View more
Booty Raids Virtual Entertainment


Android Vixen Technology in High Demand

View more
Sacred Temples


Treasures and Magical items to Loot.

View more
MMO Champions Park


World Class cyber sports leagues and championships

View more
Secret Island

CND Secret Island

A vacation at your fingertips!

View more


Pure Magic and healing

View more
MMO PVP Pring Club VS


PVP training grounds

View more
Club Eruption Virtual World Destination


The Time Travelers Hot Spot

View more

Start Your Adventure

What our Players say

Rocktropia is full of opportunity!

The Beast Smith

I love Rocktropia because it is the most oppositional-defiant planet in the EU universe. On Rocktropia, you are free to be who you want. RT stands out as the last bastion of free will and big dreams.

Taco Sunsout Gunsout

It has become like second home. I have made so many friends and have enjoyed seeing the planet growing all the time. ROCKtropia certainly lives up to her name, IT ROCKS!!