Where to skill melee in the (Entropia) Universe

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Good Spawn || Big Mission Chain || Interesting Loot

No Storage || Non-Lootable PVP

Are you looking for an attractive place to skill melee? Once you can do above 30ish damage per second go No Way Out Maximum Security prison on ROCKtropia. It has several advantages:

1.) a nice and dense spawn of
2.) low aggro creatures
3.) that have about 300-500 hp
4.) and don’t drop boring stuff all the time
5.) + they have a reward mission

The above five points are worth considering, but for me not having to run around is one of the most important features worth promoting. After all Entropia Universe is a place to relax after a hard day of work.

The mobs are low to average hp – substantial, yet not enough to get you bored. Hunting is calm and refreshing, exactly the right thing to keep your mind occupied and relaxed.




Of course, if you are looking for more difficult mobs you will also find them here. But unless you plan to go for D-block Mafia members or S.O.R.T Officers (do remember this name!) jarhead with 5B’s will be your best friend. The spawn is a nicely mixed group of inmates & C.O. Officers which can easily be taken down using any mid-level melee weapon available.

The low aggro makes hunting pleasant and enjoyable, as you seldom have 2 or more mobs on you. Most of the time you will easily manage to finish your first opponent before another one notices you.


Another benefit of hunting in NWOMS Prison is the mission chain that awards you with various skill points as you progress. It really adds to the motivation and makes hunting more rewarding. If you can, do get it – it is not a requirement however.

The loot content is definitely better than the average Calypso experience. Not only do you get additional ROCKtropia resources with decent markup, but also paints and extractors which usually go for a good price as well. Add a holy or stealth armor part once in a while and you have a loot experience very different from boring.

The only two drawbacks I can find are that all hunting is in non-lootable pvp with disabled map. However I don’t remember the last time someone went amok inside the prison walls. Also there is no storage in prison, so you need to teleport or fly out of the place once a while.

No Way Out Maximum Security Prison is a great place for skilling, hunting and just chilling. When you come to ROCKtropia make sure you drop by for a visit and kill some time here.


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Paul Crystal Thunder is a Hunter and Miner. He spends most of his time on ROCKtropia shooting Dragons, Vixens and Zombies or running around trying to dig up valuable resources.

4 Comments on "Where to skill melee in the (Entropia) Universe"

  1. Avatar of Narfi
    Narfi May 13, 2013 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    Nice review paul, I really need to start in there now that I have my blade :)

    • Avatar of Paul Crystal
      Paul Crystal May 14, 2013 at 4:24 pm - Reply

      It is a good place to skill. I personally like it very much. Come join us once a while :)

  2. Dix Handley May 17, 2013 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Yes, the prison mobs are great for skilling. And the prison mission chain rewards are very nice, especially on the 4th tier.

    • Avatar of Paul Crystal
      Paul Crystal May 18, 2013 at 10:43 am - Reply

      Yeah, tier 4 is awesome. Can’t get myself to go through the dblocks though – need more dps for that.

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