The Pawn Shop: Peter Pawnstar – Get Your Free Hoverboard

Pawn Shop
7 Overall Score
Free Item: 8/10
Free to Play: 8/10
Ease: 5/10

 Pretty Good


Gathering oil is free and easy + the hoverboard is great!

It can be hard to find oil at the docks, if you have trouble go the Hunt The THING

Pawn Shop

The pawnshop left of NoobsNoobsNoobs screwed up and bought way too many Hoverboards. They need help getting rid of them. Peter Pawnstar will reward anyone who brings him 40 barrels of crude oil with one of his extra Hoverboards. He will also refine some of your oil. This is a great opportunity to get a really fast Hoverboard for almost free.

hunt the thing

You can find oil at the docks where he recommends. If you have trouble finding it there you can also go to the CINIPLEX or visit Hunt The THING. Hunt the THING features another noob friendly oil field which you can access by using the dropdown menu at the CINIPLEX TP.

After gathering enough crude oil take it back to Peter for your reward. Click the glowing green arrow to talk to him from behind his safety fence (working a pawn shop in New Harlem is some dangerous business!) and enjoy your new hoverboard.

Hoverboard photo


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