– Earn additional PED while sweating

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Fantastic way to earn additional PED while sweating!

Earn PED with

Earn PED with is a pay to click website with many ways to earn PED, other than sweating all day long. A pay to click website is a website that pays its users a share of the revenue from the advertisers that paid for the ads and offers you get paid to view. You can easily convert your time into PED.

Payouts are made at specific times that you can meet up a PEDtoClick representative for an in game trade. There is no tax or fee on your earnings. You can also check if a representative is online for an anytime payment, where we will arrange a unscheduled meeting.

Here is a quick guide on how to sweat while using


Add auto-use tool to your desktop or set it to a key. Press “Y” to open up the action menu and search for ‘auto’ to find it. Next you are going to want to play in window mode.

Then you can simply browse while sweating in game. Click advertisements while sweating and you can multiply the profits! The good sweater makes 10 cents an hour sweating, or 1 ped, using this website you can easily make that in a matter of minutes rather than an hour!


Above is an example of me sweating while using the website.



You can earn PED with multiple methods on Here is exactly how to earn.


Clicking Ads: Earn 5, 10, 15, 20 PEC per click. Sometimes even 1 PED! All you do is click the ad and wait for the timer to expire, verify you are a human by clicking an image, and the PED is deposited into your account!

Videos: Through our Virool Video offerwall you can earn PEC by watching youtube video’s from our sponsors. Earnings are deposited instantly to your accounts.

Tasks: Sign up to websites, review a site, or do other quick and simple tasks. Earn between 1 and 50 ped! Payments are added upon in-site verification that you have completed the task.

Surveys and Offers: Compelete offers by downloading, purchasing, or giving your phone number to sponsors. These pay a large amount of PED, however most are not free, you will have to check and see for yourself for each offer. Or complete free surveys, try games, or other free options for PED. Payments are added when AdWorkMedia verifies that you have completed the Offer. I will be honest here, some offers do not instantly verify and you have to go through a little goose chase to get the approval from AdWorkMedia. Always check out the offer before going to far into it. As these are offsite like the tasks I cannot verify that you have completed it myself.


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    Thaddeus Rusty Venture August 16, 2013 at 1:45 am - Reply

    There is currently an event at RT forums, check it out. It ends on the 26th

    Also check out my other reviews for great ways to make ped ingame, such as the beer garden or android vixens.

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