How To Write Reviews For ROCKtropia

Neverdie Studios has created to be a site for contributors and the Entropia community to critique and celebrate the creative process involved in the development of ROCKtropia, also to stimulate an interactive communication between Neverdie Studios and the players, and to shed light on the vast ROCKtropia Virtual World and its Quests in an easily accessible way to gamers around the world.

The primary focus will be on Reviews written here on Quests, Planet Themes, Items, Monsters, Dungeons, etc… Basically if it is related to ROCKtropia, we want a Review on it. (And sometimes more than one review if you have more to add or a different opinion to another reviewer)

If you want to become involved by writing Reviews because you love the game, or are looking for an alternative to other in game options for collecting currency, then register your account here and contact NEVERDIE to become a Reviewer for

You may contact him in game, or via a private message on the ROCKtropia Forums and by submitting a sample Review there.

Once your application has been approved, NEVERDIE will give your account here the necessary privileges and you can start writing reviews here at

Step 1: Log in to the site here with your username and password.


Step 2: Click the ‘New’ link at the top of your screen, and select ‘Review.’


Step 3: Enter the title name of your review in the text box at the top of the screen. (Remember to keep it simple and direct, so people know what it is you are reviewing)


Step 4: Type out your Review or Walkthrough in the main section of the page.

  • Not too long, and not too short. You want to include as much information as you can without boring your readers.
  • Think about it as though you had never done or seen this before, what information would you want to know?
    • Locations
    • Cost
    • How difficult it is
    • How did you do it
    • How you would recommend it done
    • Links to more information that would be too wordy to include in the review


Step 5: Add screenshots by clicking on the add media Icon. You should have 2-5 screenshots or videos per review.


Step 6: Enter any Tags you want referenced in your review for when people might be searching for it.


Step 7: Select any of the Categories you feel your review falls under so people can easily find it when looking in those categories.


Step 8: Enter the link for the image you want to be used on the front page slider as a link to this review.


Step 9: Fill in the info for the Review box score. You may enter any 3 things to rate it on, and then a score for each and your own overall score you felt the mission or item being reviewed deserves.


Step 10: If you want hints on how to make the review more visible on Google and other search sites, click on the SEO check, and it will rate your review on different aspects which you can work on.


Step 11: Change the status of your Review from Draft to Pending Review so that NEVERDIE can look over it and approve it for publication on the site.


Step X: You may want to set up a Gravatar account so that your avatar image appears next to your Reviews as well as in comments here and on any other WordPress Blogs or sites you may post in. This will give you a more ‘Professional’ appearance.


Congratulations! You are now a Reviewer!